Jean-Paul Vuillin's Story

The tale of "The Knight" Champagne, is rooted in a dream of a young man, Paul Eroger Vuillin, Jean Paul’s grandfather, whose one desire was to make his own champagne. Already from a winemaking family in the Arbois, Paul Eroger had big dreams and a passion to make a difference. At the onset of the first world war, Paul Eroger was called to fight for his country but before he set out, he made a lasting promise to his wife that to celebrate his return he would fulfil his ambition.

Sadly, some weeks before the armistice, Paul Eroger was killed in action, leaving Jean Paul’s grandmother and father, who was then just an infant. Paul Eroger's dream became a fable in Jean Paul's family and at family gatherings; while champagne corks popped, the family often recalled Paul Eroger's dream.

It is not surprising, that after having built a successful business in film production and having led a full and happy life himself, Jean-Paul's thoughts often returned to his past. One day in 2018, the 100th year anniversary of the Great War, whilst sipping a glass of champagne, Jean-Paul was reflecting on his distant childhood memories and his mind suddenly alighted on his Grandfather's dream; the sacrifice he had made and his unfinished ambitions. The poignancy of the dream, in the 100-year commemorations of the great war, inspired Jean-Paul to embark on a journey to create a champagne that would honour his grandfather, as well as all those who believe in dreams and never give up.

The name, ‘The Knight’, was chosen to honour Paul Eroger and all of those heros who sacrifice their lives for freedom.

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Jean-Paul Vuillin's Talks:

In creating my champagne, I embarked on an exciting journey of exploration with the strong purpose of remembrance, in the sense of both commemoration and celebration. I have met extraordinary and dedicated people who have enriched my experience and with their contributions make ‘The Knight’ champagne all the more special to me.

Surprisingly, making exquisite champagne bears a remarkable similarity to making a great film. As with Films, for champagne, the principal actors are the region, soil, the orientation of the slopes and the vines selected. Without a great crew to nurture the terrain and tend the vines the director will not have good quality grapes to make the champagne. The final product depends on the hard work, dedication, decisions made by the director, the actors all playing their parts and crew ensure everything is ready and prepared. The champagne maker, the director, works with each of these elements to create the story that we ultimately allow our senses to indulge.

I, as the producer, wanted to find a star director, who could help turn my grandfather’s dream into a reality. I wanted to find a person with a passion and dedication for his art and imagination and enthusiasm that I could share. Someone who understood my desire to create beautiful champagne with meaning. I was extremely fortunate to find a great winemaker in José. José captures the essence of ‘The Knight’ combining innovation with still valued traditional methods, respect for the environment and sustainability. His experience, advice and friendship throughout has enabled me to create a gorgeous champagne which is rich yet light and elegant with an abundance of delicate flavours and a bright sparkle to celebrate in style.

Enjoy ‘The Knight’.

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